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friend/foe tagging in MP missions?

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friend/foe tagging in MP missions?

Post by Guest on Mon 11 Aug 2014 - 23:29

Just something that's been on my mind as I approach the level of skill I feel necessary to fly multiplayer missions with y'all.

What's the feeling about setting 'friend/foe tagging' on or off in MP sessions?
Some do it ? Some don't ?

I've noticed as I've been training within the Huey Campaign that it makes a huge difference if you enable the tagging (makes the missions 10x easier) ... but it feels like cheating.
Then again, got stuck in some missions because the enemy would hide ... and if they don't shoot you're pretty much stuck.
On the other hand it's way more challenging and far more rewarding to finish a mission without setting Tagging (but you're gonna have a way harder time the first few times you fly a mission).

Decisions, Decisions ... but with the big One Year Celebration Weekend coming up I felt maybe a good time to put this Q out there.


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Re: friend/foe tagging in MP missions?

Post by (D/229) Retro-Burn on Tue 12 Aug 2014 - 0:49

By "tagging", do you mean labels? If so, I know what you mean. I use them more often in SP. In multiplayer, everyone seems to know where the units are at or to be more precise, know where they are going.
(D/229) Retro-Burn
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Re: friend/foe tagging in MP missions?

Post by Guest on Tue 12 Aug 2014 - 5:56

Yeah, it's the labels that I ment. I guess I could play those missions on my own to find out first. If only I knew what missions are going to be on the menu next weekend ;-)


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Re: friend/foe tagging in MP missions?

Post by Sponsored content

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