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Boeing Stress Test

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Boeing Stress Test

Post by (A/229) slate on Sun 18 Jan 2015 - 9:06

Boeing 787 Wing Stress Test

Boeing 787 Wing Break Test

Boeing 777 Wing Loading Test

Boeing 777 Stress Test

Semi-related I thought I'd share some crack propagation slides from a college course I took awhile back.  It shows the Air Aloha Flight 243 Hilo to Honolulu incident where the microcracks at rivets tore apart the fuselage due to repeated pressure changes from multiple takeoff and landings causing fatigue crack propagation.

Documentary: 48min - Air Crash Investigation Black Box A Wing and a prayer Aloha Flight 243 United Flight 232

Short Clip: 1min51s - Boeing 737 Roof Falls off Mid Flight Aloha Airlines Flight 243

(A/229) slate
Warrant Officer 1
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Warrant Officer 1 Rated Aviator

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Re: Boeing Stress Test

Post by (C/229) Frenchy on Mon 19 Jan 2015 - 19:35

I remember going through this stuff at uni as well.
It is crazy watching how far that wing flex's

(C/229) Frenchy
Chief Warrant Officer 2
Rated Aviator
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Rated Aviator

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