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Crashmo 's pending disappearance

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Crashmo 's pending disappearance

Post by Guest on Mon 6 Apr 2015 - 4:12

Hello fellow 229th members.

I just wanted to throw out a shout that the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Maybe there have not been any rumors. I don't know.

I stepped outside last spring to pay some golf and got lost. There is actually a world out there--much to my surprise.

I still think DCS is one of the greatest things ever to spring from my computer and I will definitely return some day to remaster that which I never mastered in the first place.

Until then, a massive house remodel is to be undertaken. Clearly my priorities are messed up.



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Re: Crashmo 's pending disappearance

Post by (HHC/229) flyer on Mon 6 Apr 2015 - 5:27

No problems Crashmo...your always welcome back when the time is right.

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