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Screenies from "Happy Valley II" mission...

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Screenies from "Happy Valley II" mission...

Post by (A/229) BBall on Tue 21 Apr 2015 - 4:20

Greetings gents!

It was great to be online again last evening with Phantom, Showtime, and's been way too long between virtual flights!

We flew Showtimes "Happy Valley II" mission, and like all his efforts, it was superb.

A few screenshots:


In trail with "Bronco 1" (Showtime), inbound to the LZ.


Bronco 1 is on final to the LZ...LOTS of ground fire!


I'm out after taking "minimal" damage. Bronco 1 had a complete hydraulic failure...and was able to wrestle the beast back to the FARP.


Phantom gave us great protection in his gunship. (Bronco 1 is lifting from the LZ on his second sortie)


Bronco 1 makes it out in one piece (free beers for the "guns" crews back at the "O Club"!!!)


I suffered a tail rotor failure on my second trip into the LZ...attempted a "running take-off"...but not very successfully. ("so the tail boom is NOT supposed to be in front of the rest of the machine?")


Bronco 3 (daBomb) inbound to the LZ.


All in all, a great couple of hours back in the virtual skies! Thanks to all! Again, an outstanding mission from the (twisted) mind of Showtime...boyz got skillz!

- BB
(A/229) BBall
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Chief Warrant Officer 4 Rated Senior Aviator

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