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Big thanks everyone

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Big thanks everyone

Post by (A/229) Dagger on Mon 24 Aug - 14:09

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who helped me get off the ground (literally and figuratively) last night for my first DCS Huey multiplayer experience.  PD and Oxodius made me feel especially welcome and not like an idiot new guy even though I:

1. Couldn't figure out how to get on the server under my callsign, it kept coming up as my real name.
2. Didn't have my checklist to start from cold/dark, so Oxodius was gracious enough to go through step by step with me
3. Hovered into Ox, distributing shattered steel parts all over the place.
4. Quick started, but idle wouldn't go over 6100 RPM and it took several people to troubleshoot and PD finally came up with the answer (autopilot was on, how?  idiot new guy.)
5. Hovered into PD while trying to taxi into my spot in formation, distributing shattered steel parts all over the runway, with everyone's "wait on Dagger" time getting close to 30 minutes at this point...
6. Had frame rate issues...

etc.  etc.

Despite all this, everyone was seriously very encouraging, patient, and eager to teach.  I learned quite a bit last night, stuff that you can't learn anywhere else, heard stories that you won't hear anywhere else, and by the time it was all over I knew that this Battalion is something special because of the people in it.

Left freakin' pedal ya'll,


(A/229) Dagger
Warrant Officer 1
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Warrant Officer 1 Rated Aviator

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Re: Big thanks everyone

Post by (B/229) NeF on Mon 24 Aug - 14:36

Nice Wink Good job PD and OX
(B/229) NeF
Chief Warrant Officer 3
Rated Senior Aviator
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Rated Senior Aviator

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Re: Big thanks everyone

Post by (A/229) Oxodius on Tue 1 Sep - 19:02

Thanks for the kind words, but it is nothing that others did not do for us when we started out.
You are a welcomed member of the squad and look forward to flying with you more in the future.
cya online


(A/229) Oxodius
Second Lieutentant
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Second Lieutentant Rated Aviator

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Re: Big thanks everyone

Post by Sponsored content

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