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1.5 on my laptop?!

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1.5 on my laptop?!

Post by (A/229) Dagger on Sat 3 Oct 2015 - 4:50

So I'm out of town on business until Sunday night, left yesterday so I missed the 1.5 release.  I got on teamspeak on my laptop last night at my hotel just to hear what everyone's thoughts were and when I heard about the crazy awesome framerates everyone was getting I got an idea to just download 1.5 on my laptop and see what I can get...

i5 at 2.5ghz
6gb ram
NVidia 540m (1.5 gb...kind of... at 900mhz)

And wouldn't you know it...with the settings on lower/medium I'm getting a very playable 30 to 50 fps, and still looks better than the stable version.  Should have brought my x52 and pedals!

The old version's framerates were unplayable on this thing.  Can't wait to get home and fire it up on my desktop and fly with ya'll again.

(A/229) Dagger
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Warrant Officer 1 Rated Aviator

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