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"Driving the Bus"

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"Driving the Bus"

Post by (A/229) BBall on Mon 9 Nov 2015 - 17:05

Hey guys,

I just posted up a "blog from the road"

I love "Veterans Day". Every year I take the day to ponder my good fortune to have lived in a free country, bought and paid for with the blood and sacrifice of others. On this one, I'll be overseas and far from home, but that won't stop my undying gratitude from going out to all that have served, are currently serving (including my own son), and to those long past.

This piece was written several years ago after I had flown a Military Charter. I hope you enjoy it (don't forget, you can click on the pics for a larger version).

have a great day all.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
(A/229) BBall
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Chief Warrant Officer 4 Rated Senior Aviator

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CAS Vehicules destroyed: : more than the tanks.
CAS Bunkers destroyed: : have no idea! were they selling beer there?
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Re: "Driving the Bus"

Post by (D/229) Xtra on Tue 10 Nov 2015 - 5:22

Bball, when will you get a publisher and sell me a copy? Awesome read as always!

(D/229) Xtra
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Instructor Pilot
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