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Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association entry...

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Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association entry...

Post by (A/229) BBall on Tue 19 Jan 2016 - 14:01

Greetings guys,

Got a note from one of my long-time dearest friends today (he's a V.A. doctor in Colorado, we got our PPLs while in high school). He offered that he and one of his patients (un-named hero that flew in Vietnam) were having a discussion about flying in Vietnam, and my friend relayed some info about my father. He mentioned my post at the VHPA, and it prompted me to go there and re-read it.

Someday I'll finish the article about my days with him at Ft. Wolters:

God bless all the "fling wing" heros from that war (and all before and after).

(A/229) BBall
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Chief Warrant Officer 4 Rated Senior Aviator

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Re: Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association entry...

Post by (B/229) Cib on Sat 23 Jan 2016 - 3:14

Nice memories Billy, it must have been quite a childhood Smile


(B/229) Cib
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