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"Rhode" requesting to join

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"Rhode" requesting to join

Post by Rhode on Sun 13 Mar 2016 - 5:32

Hello folks, 30 year old based in Vancouver, Canada.  Private (fixed wing) pilot, but haven't flown since 2008, thinking about getting back into it and getting my fix in DCS while I figure things out.  Pretty new to DCS overall - but I lived near Tbilisi for a while and I am having a lot of fun flying over towns/villages I can conjure a mental picture of.  Makes VFR cross-country easier.

I have about 10 hours in the UH-1H but I have 6 days off next week and plan to spend most of them trying to gain some proficiency.  After I feel comfortable with the ship I'd like to fly a few times a week online.

Edit: Also just about finished reading "Chickenhawk", which has provided me with valuable insight.


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Re: "Rhode" requesting to join

Post by (B/229) Cib on Sun 13 Mar 2016 - 6:00

Hi Rhode welcome Smile


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