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Livestream airdisplay

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Livestream airdisplay

Post by (D/229) Xtra on Fri 10 Jun 2016 - 20:21

If you are bored and eant to see the Airdisplay from Leeuwarden. Livestream today and saterday.

(D/229) Xtra
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Re: Livestream airdisplay

Post by (A/229) Hawkeye on Sat 11 Jun 2016 - 0:42

To Camera man:     "Zooom OUT,...... Zooooomm OUT"       Sad

Saw quite a bit of the show, but the Camera's were showing the aircraft extremely close... not showing a perspective of how fast and the maneuverability..of any of the Aircraft. (Imagine seeing the pilot up close.. without seeing the Aircraft turn & bank/perform it's normal maneuvers. Too bad actually)

Not a bad show....  just need to change the Producer of the "live stream"....
(A/229) Hawkeye
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