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DCS + Grass = Very Low FPS

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DCS + Grass = Very Low FPS

Post by Guest on Thu 25 Aug 2016 - 3:24

EvilIvan happened to mention that on European Ops training miz he was getting bad FPS around the airfield.  

I presumed too many hesco walls and objects 'n stuff and so moved the helos away from the AF and hot started them on grass.

FPS was rubbish and I think my PC is fairly fast.

Example, pre-sets on HIGH, hot ground start on grass near Novorossiyk returns 30 - 40 FPS at start up.

Hot start ramp at Novorossiyk airfield returns 200 FPS at startup.

No mods...

Nevada low flight through Las Vegas gives around 90 FPS but a grass field in 1.54 gives 30 - 40 LOL...

It appears to be the grass with fancy flowers is dropping FPS badly.
Hopefully this is just a transition thing... Smile

Windows 10
i7-6700 OC 4600+
16GB HyperX FURY DDR4 2666MH
ASUS 980ti OC to max

Outputting into 1920 X 1080 hd.

Simplistic mission no statics nor objects etc..


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Re: DCS + Grass = Very Low FPS

Post by (A/229) Utley on Sat 8 Oct 2016 - 0:41

You rig is almost identical to mine except for the video card, I dont have this problem...but then again Im using Starways map too.
(A/229) Utley
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Chief Warrant Officer 3 Rated Senior Aviator

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Re: DCS + Grass = Very Low FPS

Post by Guest on Sat 8 Oct 2016 - 1:54

This issue is not generic but specific - you need to be at the exact spot to see the difference.


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Re: DCS + Grass = Very Low FPS

Post by Sponsored content

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