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VoiceAttack profile

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VoiceAttack profile

Post by (A/229) Chic on Sat 12 Nov 2016 - 3:36

Here is a VoiceAttack profile for Huey Radio Comms CTLD and CSAR tasks. /Radio%20Comms%20VA%20profile%20v1.1.rar?dl=0
Specifically for Transport, Smoke Markers, and CSAR which covers almost everything we're currently using in our missions.
Radio Beacons etc.. can be added later on demand. Below is a list of what's covered.  The actual voice commands are {labelled}. This profile will allow you to run the full set of F function inputs, including calling up the menu (R-alt+/), with a singal voice command.

Because the Radio Comms menu is dynamic the following process is implemented.

Once in cockpit, check out Comms Menu.  Make note of the F function assigned to CTLD, TROOP TRANSPORT, SMOKE, and CSAR.
Then go to your active VA profile and import the appropriate profiles from the "RADIO COMMS VA Profiles" folder.  It will be 3 imports in total (TROOP, SMOKE, and CSAR).  Entire process takes less than 90 seconds.

Reminder: Since the F function strucure for Cargo (F6) and Ground Crew (F8) don't change, those commands can be part of your default Huey VA profile.  I got those available as well though they dont take long to program.  


                   F10    OTHER

                       F1   CTLD

                                   F1     TROOP TRANSPORT
                                           F1     UNLOAD / EXTRACT TROOPS      {Go Go Go / All Aboard}
                                           F2     CHECK CARGO                          {Check Cargo}
                                           F3     LOAD STANDARD GROUP           {Load Infantry Squad}
                                           F4     LOAD ANTI AIR                         {Load Anti Air Squad}
                                           F5     LOAD ANTI TANK                      {Load Anti Tank Squad}
                                           F6     LOAD MORTAR SQUAD             {Load Anti Mortar Squad}
                                   F2      SMOKE MARKERS
                                           F1     DROP RED SMOKE                       {Drop Red Smoke}
                                           F2     DROP BLUE SMOKE                      {Drop Blue Smoke}
                                           F3     DROP ORANGE SMOKE                 {Drop Orange Smoke}
                                           F4     DROP GREEN SMOKE                    {Drop Green Smoke}

                                   F3     RADIO BEACONS
                                           F1     LIST BEACONS
                                           F2     DROP BEACON
                                           F3     REMOVE CLOSEST BEACON

                       F2     CSAR

                              F1     LIST ACTIVE CSAR                                   {Search and Rescue}

                              F2     CHECK ON BOARD                                    {Head Count}

                              F3     REQUEST SIGNAL FLARE                           {Request Signal Flare}


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