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New Issues with certain Mods--DCS versions--> 9 December 2016

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New Issues with certain Mods--DCS versions--> 9 December 2016

Post by (A/229) Hawkeye on Sun 11 Dec 2016 - 1:10

I just updated Both my Stable and Beta Versions of DCS and began to have Joystick Input/keyboard issues in Both my DCS versions.

I believe that there is a Mismatch between the 229th Missions and the DCS Versions.

.. What am I getting at..???  --->The 229th Missions are probably NOT saved to a current DCS version. As you know,  DCS Changes much more that what the changelog states.  

Possible Remedy:
Take the 229th Mission(s) on the 229th Servers and Save them to the latest DCS Version by using the Mission editor. Then Reinstall the "Newly Saved 229th Mission "  back onto the Server(s)


229th Open world Jungle 3.4.miz was  saved as a 1.51(DCS) version.....
Bring up this Mission in the Mission editor; Save it; reinstall this mission back onto the 229th Server  This mission is now saved as a 1.55 version and is "probably" going to solve some issues that players are wondering about.

How I determined this:

I had updated both Beta and Stable  Version of my game.
I had controller issues with certain inputs (namely Mouse functions while in 229th Open World Jungle 3.4) in BOTH Beta & Stable versions.(same problem)

I re-saved this Mission "229th Open World Jungle 3.4" in Mission editor and started BOTH Beta/Stable version with NO ABNORMALITIES in either version.

All is working correctly in my system/DCS Flights.

ps:  I've done this to 3 other 229thMissions so far and all have been "fixed"
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