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So, why are curves bad?

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So, why are curves bad?

Post by (A/229) Bearfoot on Tue 24 Jan 2017 - 14:06

On the stick profile, I mean.

The way I thought of it was simply fine-tuning the interface mapping points in this, the physical world, and the virtual world. And, taken as a whole, no more "cheating" than, e.g., adjusting the seat height and position in the real world.

When I was using the X-55, I found that a very strong curve and saturation (20% and 80%, respectively) was needed on both axis with the Huey for a pleasant experience. With a the TMWH + 20 cm extension, I could replicate the same level of control and finesse without any curves or saturation. Part of it was personal improvement, I admit, but I think a lot of it has to do with the added precision and control with the 20 cm extension. So here, the curves on the X-55 made up for limitations of the desktop.

How does the community feel about curves? if "bad", why? Are they any more "artificial" or "cheating" than getting an extension for the TMWH? I can see it as inculcating bad habits if one assumes that the curves are a temporary crutch for beginners ... but why that perspective?

(A/229) Bearfoot

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Re: So, why are curves bad?

Post by (B/229) Metzger on Tue 24 Jan 2017 - 19:00

I was using 21/85 with x52.
Now with Warthog and 12cm extension no curves at all is better.
The problem with the curves is that you have to trim constantly because out of center position the movement become very abrupt due to the curves. I could not do any precise control if the stick is not trimmed with high curves settings.
(B/229) Metzger
Chief Warrant Officer 2
Rated Aviator
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Rated Aviator

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Re: So, why are curves bad?

Post by (D/229) Gizzy on Tue 24 Jan 2017 - 20:24

Curves are not necessary bad.  

Many advocate no curves as you then have a constant control input relationship with stick movement.  

However, everyone has different equipment and so what is good for one may not be for another.

For some, the precise control needed to be successful at a cargo hovering pickup can only be initially achieved  with curves when using a short length TMWH stick for example.   Remove the big spring and reverse the small ones and you may well not need the curves but not necessary so.

Often as experience is gained those using curves find then not necessary even with no extension.

Personally for me I used 80% 'Y' with 10% curves on a standard TMWH stick.  Reversed the springs and I removed the curve.  Added a 12cm extension and put the Y back to 100%.

Remember everyone and their kit is different so I would always suggest take your time, change things slowly and use what works for you.... but as a caveat I would always suggest try reducing the Y axis in DCS first and see if that helps before using curves.
(D/229) Gizzy

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Re: So, why are curves bad?

Post by (B/229) evilivan on Tue 24 Jan 2017 - 21:57

I would emphasise Metzger's point: if you use curves, the outer ends of the control range will be increasingly dramatic, which can then become an issue when doing manoeuvres like slope landings.

But as has been said: it is very much about individual set up and preference.

(B/229) evilivan
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Rated Senior Aviator
Second Lieutenant Unit Training Officer Rated Senior Aviator

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Re: So, why are curves bad?

Post by (HHC/229) GunfighterSIX on Wed 25 Jan 2017 - 0:11

A lot of great points. I often do not recommend curves in the cyclic because it results in unrealistic control movements. With that being said you need to be able to fly the helicopter, so if curves help then go with it. For example, the guys using throttles for the collectives. Curves often help with giving you finer control movement. You can use up more of the lower TRQ ranges faster, then you will have more control range for the TRQ you use while hovering and in cruse flight. The down side of this is you will have a more sensitive collective when trying to descended or auto rotate. This can screw with your approaches. If your going to use curves I would recommend starting small.
(HHC/229) GunfighterSIX
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Battalion Standardization Instructor Pilot
Rated Master Aviator
Chief Warrant Officer 4  Battalion Standardization Instructor PilotRated Master Aviator

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Re: So, why are curves bad?

Post by (A/229) Bearfoot on Wed 25 Jan 2017 - 3:55

Thanks, all. And yes, good points, all: especially the (a) non linear and abrupt change in response and (b) the better precision around the center comes at greatly increased coarseness at the extremes. I guess when I was curves on the Huey, I was doing a lot of rather staid training flights, so almost never took the stick past the curve area in any direction, so it did not effect me that much. I can see with more adventurous flying that it might have made trouble for me.

@GunfighterSIX: regarding curves on TQS-as-a-collective, yes! I found that a nice stiff curve on the collective really helped ... but even with my "schoolyard" flying, I would get into the (lower) extreme of the collective range when descending/landing etc., and that really sucked!

Thanks again for sharing insight, information, and experience all!

(A/229) Bearfoot

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Re: So, why are curves bad?

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