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So...There's a connection...

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So...There's a connection...

Post by (A/229) Comanchero86 on Fri 17 Feb 2017 - 10:55

There's a connection between the Vets of Army Aviation. Today, we were at the hangar finishing up on our annual Phase inspection of our Huey. We had a visitor who's name was Stewart. Stewart had brought with him his great grandson Greg, who was going to Army flight school next week. Stewart wanted to show his great grandson the aircraft he worked on when he was in the service fifty five years ago. We didn't have the "A" model Huey that was part of his time. But, it did not seem to matter as he hobbled around our "H" model Huey on his cane, telling his grandson (and us) stories of his time in service. He spent about a half hour with us and when he was gone we were still talking about how it was during his time. I think about this. I think about how if I met Flyer, Gunfighter Six, or the other Vets here, that some things about our time in Army Aviation may be different, but at our core we would still be able to relate to the experience of having served in Army Aviation. It was was a good day today, that put me into this reflective mood.
(A/229) Comanchero86

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Re: So...There's a connection...

Post by (A/229) Utley on Fri 17 Feb 2017 - 11:42

a friend of mine is due to retire medically this year, he crashed his helicopter in Colorado Springs a few years back and lost one of his legs. I didnt know about this until a few months ago when I talked to him, but he really enjoyed his time flying blackhawks around up til that accident. Its a story to tell, but Im not sure where this is going here. Its still a dangerous job no matter which generation you come from.
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Re: So...There's a connection...

Post by (A/229) Chic on Fri 17 Feb 2017 - 14:41

Thank you


(A/229) Chic
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Re: So...There's a connection...

Post by (HHC/229) flyer on Sun 19 Feb 2017 - 15:25

Thank you for think of us mean a lot to us old timers to be remembered for our aviation service...we still fly those same missions when we close our eye at night...

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Re: So...There's a connection...

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