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UH-1 Slingloading

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UH-1 Slingloading

Post by (A/229) Huckleberry on Tue 11 Apr 2017 - 14:40

Are there known bugs with slingloading?  I don't have much experience with it, but it seems that whenever the cargo is damaged and detaches, the helicopter physics will go awry.

For instance, I had a heavy slingload that got totaled, and afterwards, it seemed like the weight never left the heli, and additionally I had to maintain a ~15° cyclic bank to the left and aft just to keep it in a hover, and the main rotor RPM was dangerously low, even with normal collective, and even after flushing the RPM back into the green. (EDIT: By cyclic bank, I mean my fuselage also had the same bank. It was in an unstable hover, even though rationally it should have been careening towards 8:00)

I find that this happens consistently whenever I slingload.  Best case scenario is I perform a successful drop and continue on my way with the same weighted heli.  Worst case is I total the cargo, and all hell breaks loose with the physics.

Has anyone experienced similar issues, or is this a known bug?

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(A/229) Huckleberry
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Chief Warrant Officer 2 Rated Senior Aviator

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Re: UH-1 Slingloading

Post by (B/229) Blade on Tue 11 Apr 2017 - 16:43

It is a known bug AFAIK

(B/229) Blade
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Rated Aviator (MQ)
Warrant Officer 1 Rated Aviator (MQ)

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Re: UH-1 Slingloading

Post by (A/229) Chic on Tue 11 Apr 2017 - 22:02

Yah, this is a bug in DCS.  Seems to be more prevalent as the mission cargo activity increases,
although I've experienced this in SP as well.

(A/229) Chic
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Re: UH-1 Slingloading

Post by Sponsored content

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