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Viggen Jockeys beware

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Viggen Jockeys beware

Post by (B/229) Flick on Sat 6 May 2017 - 6:30

In the DCS mission editor I just figured how to set up a Russian carrier group with 2 Ai jets spawned on the deck but they don't take off until the carrier group is threatened by enemy Viggens.
For anyone wanting to replicate in a mission. You need to undertake the following steps.

1. Create a trigger zone, 160,000 feet in diameter, called "RAC1" (the zone's size defines the radar radius around the carrier inside which enemy aircraft will be detected)
2. Move the trigger zone right to the edge of the map as far from the action as possible. (This prevents unwanted triggering)
3. Create an anti ship armed Viggen in the mission called "Vigg1" (don't forget to make it "client")
4. Create the Russian carrier name it "RACC1" and give it way-points.
5, Create an AA missile armed Ai SU33 and place it near the Russian carrier and make the 1st waypoint "Take off from ramp" (it will automatically jump onto the carrier)
6. The SU33 should be set to perform a "Fighter Sweep"
7. In the SU33's settings dialogue box tick the box named "Uncontrolled"
8. On the SU33's "Triggered actions" Tab (Next to "Payload") add a new action of the type "Perform command" - "start"... and give it a name "Takeoff SU33".
9. Now create a new trigger of the type "Once" with the condition "Unit inside moving zone"
At the bottom of the "Conditions" section you will need to set all three drop-down fields
1st box to be set is called UNIT. You need to select "Vigg1" from the dropdown.
2nd box to be set is called ZONE. You need to select "RAC1" from the dropdown.
3rd box to be set is called ZONE UNIT. You need to select "RACC1" from the dropdown.
At the bottom of the "Actions" section you will need to set two drop-down fields
In the "Action" feild choose "AI TASK SET".
In the "AI TASK" feild the dropdown list will contain the "Takeoff SU33" setting that you named in step 8.

I have set this scenario up in my mission called "Western Adventure V31S" which I will send to dabomb to be uploaded to the 229th mission server


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