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Mi8 Training - Such Fun

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Mi8 Training - Such Fun

Post by (D/229) Flubber on Mon 16 Oct 2017, 12:08

Hi All

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Mi8 training session on Sunday. Big thumbs up to all the pilots involved in making it a really useful session and Gizzy for hosting. Finally getting to grips with the whole cow-on-rollerskates feel. It was great flying formation (sorta). Anyone whoe is interested in the Mi8 shoudl definitely get involved. After I've edited it, I'm going to post a video I captured of the session - so keep your eyes peeled for a youtube link in the coming week. It's gomg to be mostly from my POV in the Rift but you can hear the converstaions of the other pilots.

If anyone new is reading this - I could barely fly the Huey a year ago so the idea of progressing onto another airframe was just a pipe dream back then. It's a testament to the quality of the training on offer and the dedication of the people that keep the 229th flying. There's always someting new to learn and always someone willing to help you out with learning it.

See you in the air!


(D/229) Flubber
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Re: Mi8 Training - Such Fun

Post by (B|D/229) Gizzy on Thu 19 Oct 2017, 22:42

Mi-8 Group Sunday 29th OCT 17

The expressed Group aim is to develop a trust and camaraderie to progress (/ refresh) through BW, SW and beyond attaining a standard of excellence with all the facets of this airframe.

Last Sunday I facilitated exercises that included simple patterns with the emphasis on standard glide slope and descent rates, rolling and from a hover IGE and OGE T/O's - Climb out, Formation flight, loose and tight, formation patterns, steady formation LZ landings and NOE formation flight. The schedule was planned and structured with flexible progression once the basics were mastered. (Flubber, Ray, Viktor, Molevitch)

It was 1 1/2 hours of intense flying, all feedback was all positive.

This Sunday evening continues.... I will be the facilitator not the Instructor (it’s all a matter of perception) There will be a recap of last week’s exercises before moving onto the next stage which builds on skills already mastered and introduces new one but concentrating more on flight lead, tight formations, glide slopes (standard, shallow & steep) You will need to have a basic working knowledge of the Doppler Digital Display Unit i.e. navigate a set course and distance.  There will be a refresher period.  If you have difficulty in this instrument please contact me.

Cib and Chic both experienced in the Mi-8, have expressed an interest and may join us.. whether they wish to engage in the group aims I do not know.

If anyone wishes to join in with this regularly, Please PM me...

Here's Flubs POV video from last week...

(B|D/229) Gizzy

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Re: Mi8 Training - Such Fun

Post by (B|D/229) Gizzy on Mon 30 Oct 2017, 07:52

SUNDAY Mi-8 Group

We’ve engaged in 3 sessions with exercises that have included T/O’s Landings & Patterns, Formation flying, Navigation, LZ & PZ’s, Go-arounds… Some aspects were found to be challenging but we are a varied bunch with differing skills all learning new things...  

We have clear defined references for Traffic Patterns, Standard, Limited Power, Rolling, Obstacle Clearance and Dust/Snow/Sand Take Offs and of course Standard, rolling and confined landings. 229th SOPs are used.  SR is slowly coming together….

If anyone is interested in regular interaction just shout Very Happy
(B|D/229) Gizzy

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Re: Mi8 Training - Such Fun

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