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For When We Fly Missions

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For When We Fly Missions

Post by (A/229) Comanchero86 on Mon 06 Nov 2017, 19:31

I keyed on this from the "Using TS with SR" topic. Seems to me we could adopt some of the best practices of actual Army Aviation.

1. First things first. Preflight the aircraft. Allow enough time before mission brief to get this done. For us this would be firing up the computer, loading the sim and any add ons and making sure your software is up to date, your equipment like your controls, headset, mike, VR, and anything required to fly the mission is working. Once you determine you are good to go you....

2. Head to the ops tent for your mission brief at the appointed time. AKA log onto TS.  Of course you can log on earlier to shoot the bull, but when the briefing starts all ears are on the briefer. Here you will be briefed by the relevant leaders of the mission and be able to ask questions. Have your map ready so you know where you are going and where the threats are. When everybody is on the same page we.....

3. Head out to the aircraft. Once you are in the cockpit you should shut down TS and only be able to communicate via SR just like real life. Now we fire up the aircraft and assemble per the SOP.

To me this is realistic way of prepping and flying the mission just Like I remembered it was done when I flew back in the day.

What are your thoughts?
(A/229) Comanchero86
(A/229) Comanchero86

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Re: For When We Fly Missions

Post by (A/229) Chic on Mon 06 Nov 2017, 21:54

Well put.
I would suggest, however, that SR functionality (correct version, server connectivity, control mappings, mic/speaker boosts, a clue how it works, etc...) be confirmed by all BEFORE mission start and shutting down TS.

(A/229) Chic
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Re: For When We Fly Missions

Post by (D/229) Flubber on Thu 09 Nov 2017, 16:11

I am totally in agreement. Mission time as designated by the OC should be AT LATEST the time when the briefing starts and you are ready with TS fired up and connected to the right server. Maybe we say 7:30 for an 8:00 briefing and everyone knows that this means you better be ready with your shizzle sorted so when the briefing time comes you are ready to listen.

Personally, I'd like everyone ready and in a ship with SR started and the briefing of frequencies for each flight so people can set frequencies and then when that's done TS off except for emergencies - but this only really works if everyone is good with their aircraft and SR and with new people who are just starting out it can be a bit confusing so I understand we need to rely on TS.

I also say, if there is a briefing posted, READ IT! Someone went to the trouble of writing it. I'm sure Six has just updated 229th SOP and this includes standard frequencies for SR depending on your aircraft so all the regulars should be familiar with most if not all of it.

It annoys me when people arrive late to missions that others have gone to the effort of planning and everyone else is waiting around on the runway. We can have a protocol for people who turn up late so they can catch up - e.g. aircarft that they can jump into at a FARP or something.

New pilots may need to meet a lot earlier to sort out mods, and basic stuff and not feel pressured with all the more experienced people around. All the senior pilots on 229th are really helpful and will reply to questions on PM etc.

In short, we owe it to each other to be prepapred if SIx ,Cib, Gizzy and others are setting up missions for us, it's disrespectful to keep people waiting. If real-life or a computer glitch gets in the way everyone understands - but, in my view, it's reasonable to be expected to catch up if you arrive late not expect everyone to wait for you.

(D/229) Flubber
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Re: For When We Fly Missions

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