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Fly Mi-8 on missions?

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Fly Mi-8 on missions?

Post by (A/229) Javelina on Tue 21 Nov 2017 - 10:36

Hola group,

I know I haven't been around for a bit.  Is it possible to form up on missions with me being an Mi-8?  (I love flying that chopper).  If not, and I need to be Huey "certified", I'll go and relearn her.  But for now, I really love flying the Hind (in VR).  Very Happy
(A/229) Javelina

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Re: Fly Mi-8 on missions?

Post by (A/229) Huckleberry on Tue 21 Nov 2017 - 15:24

Quite a few people in the 229th are branching out with the Mi8 training. I recently acquired the module myself and have been casually getting the hang of it. As for flying it on missions, I guess that just depends on the mission, AMC, and available roles.

Mi8 have been worked into a few missions I've participated in.
And of course, there are available Mi8 roles on the free flight servers where you can go practice or fly around with other members at your leisure.
(A/229) Huckleberry
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