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Hallelujah! DCS 2.5b update...

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Hallelujah! DCS 2.5b update...

Post by (B|D/229) Gizzy on Wed 14 Mar 2018, 12:56


DCS 2.5b hotfix 4 update...

DCS 2.5 Open Beta Update 4

   MP. Fixed issue when client can only see up to 5 ground units that are stationary.
   MP. Ground units will be able to activated on client.
   MP. Fixed crash on P-51D MainPanel:update_arguments().
   MP. Client in multiplayer will see missiles of SAM launcher after its rearming.
   MP. Fixed issue when player can't join server with password if he previously enter incorrect password.
   MP. Stingers and Igla missiles will be visible for Clients.
   MP. Fixed multi-monitor setup crashes when joining or hosting multiplayer game.
   Speed indication on external view status bar will show more number positions.
   Aircraft AI will take damage after collision with trees.
   Enemy Within campaign. Added Doc folder and corrected missions.
   Museum Relic campaign. Added corrected missions, version 2.6.
   A-10C. Typo correction German A-10C manual.
   Mi-8MTV2. Spring Tension campaign updated for DCS 2.5
   Mi-8MTV2. Wrong reading of the working pressure in the hydraulic system fixed.
   A10C Sturmovik campaign adapted for DCS 2.5.
   Stryker M1128. Corrected machine gun position.
   Corrected waterline level of several amphibious ground units.
   NS430. 2nd ref wpt for user waypoints is calculated incorrectly when changing distance manually.
   NS430. Approach data errors: KHND.
   NS430. Menu button breaks Right Knob.
   Updated and corrected Vegas tour missions.
   Fixed issue when trigger zone can't be moved.
   GUI. The open mission panel. Sorting order in mission list will be saved.
   Increased max number of sound hosts for avoidance runtime errors in complicated sound conditions with many sound emitters.
   L-39. Update training missions.
   Fixed crash when player switches to another aircraft on the ship's deck.
   Georgian Hammer with CA campaign adapted to DCS 2.5.

(B|D/229) Gizzy

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Re: Hallelujah! DCS 2.5b update...

Post by (B/229) Cib on Wed 14 Mar 2018, 15:38

And only 11 Gigs doh
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Re: Hallelujah! DCS 2.5b update...

Post by (B/229) IJammer on Thu 22 Mar 2018, 14:26

No mention of the Huey... their are reports that the implimentation of the EGT on the Huey has wrecked it's flight caperbility, i.e the EGT climbs out of its green zone too easily and wrecks the turbine after a few minutes of flight. Others claim that the implimentation is correct and that you just have to fly it 'correctly'? I can fly it and keep it in the green zone... but it's a bitch, you have to watch the max weight carried, air temp and fly it like treading on egg shells. No throwing around with gay abandon like you could before the EGT implimentation.

Any RL Huey pilots have an opinion?
(B/229) IJammer

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Re: Hallelujah! DCS 2.5b update...

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