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Flicks new mission available to all

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Flicks new mission available to all

Post by (B/229) Flick on Sun 25 Mar 2018, 11:08

In Teamspeak file browser: Name: 1979-9 Flicks missions for Caucasus map..

Main task
Blue command have assembled a helicopter task force to regain the bridges at Soliniki and Lazarevskoe .
Transports are to drop troops at LZ Alpha 1K East of the Lazarevskoe bridge (see map)
Gazelles to take up attack positions at the hilltop 3 K North of the bridge and engage AAA & SAMs.
Gunships and slicks to wait 3 Klicks up-river until Gazelles have neutralised any AAA or SAMs.

Secondary Task
Red Forces have been engaged at the western end of Soloniki.. our troops need reinforcement & air support at our road block at the eastern end of the town.

Other tasks
a:The enemy have established a hilltop OP North of Chemitokvadze which needs to be assaulted.
b:Assault Drug lords HQ @ 43 47 58N 39 36 43 E (Troops + Ammo  pickup @ 43 51 33N  39 41 44E)

Difficult task (Requires combined A10c & Harrier support for heli asault)
Red Forces have establised a well protected bridgehead at Tuapse.

Rescue mission Mi8s
Mi-8s (Farp London) 2 x US Military Personnel need rescuing at Lat: 43 45 45 Long:39 38 27.  Deliver cargo 2603 & 2604 (FARP London)  to Lat:43 45 24 Long:39 36 28 for Mortar support during rescue. Pick up troops at bridge south of Mortars/Loo village to support rescue attempt.


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