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An Open Invitation...

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An Open Invitation...

Post by (D/229) Molevich on Tue 24 Apr 2018 - 3:49

We are a group of enthusiastic DCS helicopter pilots based mainly in Europe operating within the world-wide virtual 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion. As the “8Mates”, we fly missions most Sunday evenings, with support and training on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, demand-dependent, although you will often find friends to fly with at any time.

While competent in other airframes, our group specializes in the Mi-8, preferring to use pilotage and electronic navigation to fly missions with DCS F10 ‘map only’ (i.e. all assets and aircraft positions etc. are concealed). The aim of the “8MATES”,is to become as competent as DCS and personal skills allow, with close-formation, threat environments and operational procedures being standard. Several of our group love home-builds and use genuine Mi-8 & Mi-24 cyclic and collectives in their rigs and many use VR exclusively.

This is an open invitation to any like-minded individuals or groups who want to fly with us regularly on a part or full-time basis, with Mi-8’s or any other rotary airframe. We are seeking to expand our European group and gain friends of a similar level of commitment and interest.

Primary language is English, so a basic understanding is necessary, however in-game inter-flight can be any language. (In our Mi-8 group we already have German native language members, French is spoken too, as well as Russian!)

Any skill level is most welcome including complete novices, but a genuine interest or passion for rotary wings and regular group interaction is essential to maximize support and group benefits.

“8Mates”, a dedicated group within the 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion, specialising in the Mi-8!

So if anybody here would like to come and see what we are doing, and join us for some flight time, please drop us a PM here, and you can also contact

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