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Potential Applicant

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Potential Applicant

Post by madmalik on Sat 28 Apr 2018 - 9:11

Howdy all,

I'm Adam and I saw the article on helisimmer about joining up, so here I am. I'm looking a a group of rotor heads to fly with in a mostly relaxed environment that promotes learning and community enjoyment over realism and overburdening rank structure. I am a full time college student currently working on my commercial helicopter license in Utah, USA (MST) and can afford 1 maybe 2 flight sessions a week, preferably on the weekend.

I've been flying in DCS since 2010 and have flown most of the modules but over the last few years I've focused on the helicopter side of the sim. A couple of months a go I picked up a stick extension for my warthog setup and flying helicopters in DCS has become far more enjoyable, with a more realistic feeling, so I've begun a more in depth study into the Mi-8.

A little bit about me; I spent 10 years in the USAF as a B-1B crew chief and one day I had the opportunity to ride in a blackhawk at Nellis AFB and I fell in love with helicopters. After that I decided to get out of the service and become a helicopter pilot.

If, after your considerations, you'd feel like I'd be a good fit around here I'd be happy to try out for it.




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Re: Potential Applicant

Post by (H/229) Skeeter on Sat 28 Apr 2018 - 10:39

Welcome to the group.
Company Commander should be along soon to get ya squared away.
(H/229) Skeeter
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Re: Potential Applicant

Post by (A/229) Chic on Sat 28 Apr 2018 - 13:22

Hey Madmalik,  I think you'll find the 229th's A Company a good fit for ya .
Please go to the USERGROUPS link above to register for A Company.  
Once you register, I can activate you for full forum access and set up your call sign.   (A/229) Madmalik or whatever you want.  
You'll use this call sign on the forum, our servers, and TeamSpeak.  
Come on TeamSpeak when you can.  Someone will show ya around and get you modded up for the 229th servers.
Download OvGME if you haven't already.
Once you're settled, we'll get you oriented to our self paced Basic Wings training program.  Any questions, PM me.
Lookin forward to flyin with ya and tapping your RL experience.
Have fun.

(A/229) Chic
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Re: Potential Applicant

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