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Be back in a few...

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Be back in a few...

Post by (A/229) DeadHorse on Tue 05 Jun 2018, 19:08

Gentlemen, nice to contact 1st cav again. I took a really long LOA, mostly due to my newborn at the time, and now it's time for me to come back, if you would have me. I know (used to...) the drill about mods, so I'll get my gear up to speed in the next couple of days. Are you guys rocking TS or discord? Hope to meet the new crew and old pals soon enough.

This one is old, by I had fun going through my virtual resume today, maybe it can serve the new chiefs with a little bit of background about me, if you don't mind a little wall of text, that is:

Have a good one!
(A/229) DeadHorse
Chief Warrant Officer 2
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Chief Warrant Officer 2 Rated Aviator

No. of Flights: : Lost count by now
Killed In Action: : Eventually...
Slick No. of landings: : Many, several, 4 or 5/h of flight...
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Re: Be back in a few...

Post by (B|D/229) Gizzy on Tue 05 Jun 2018, 22:10

Always welcome back Deadhorse.... TS it is as a general rule and check out the MODS section with the Dummies Guide...

Keep the wee ones away from your sim gear ha ha Smile
(B|D/229) Gizzy
Company Commander
Unit Training Officer
Rated Senior Aviator
Captain Company Commander  Unit Training Officer Rated Senior Aviator

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