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Thu 07JUN18 evening mission

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Thu 07JUN18 evening mission

Post by (B|D/229) Gizzy on Thu 07 Jun 2018, 11:31

Thu 07JUN18 1800z
Server: 229th AHB EU


Chalk #1 Flub - FL
Chalk #2 Chic
Chalk #3 Mole SC

Chalk #1 Blade FL
Chalk #2 GHog
Chalk #3 Gizzy AMC
Chalk #4 Gadget

Weather 8/8 cloud, base circa 1000m, wind ESE @ 10 m/s, precipitation heavy

Kvida outpost under attack. Immediate re-enforcement. T/O sunset at base airport Kvitiri, to requisitioned flying club pick up troops.

NOE path (SAM risk) to Dzedzileti (21k) Enter 'Death Valley' fly side of valley just below cloudbase (small arms risk valley floor) navigate pass descend to NOE approach to outpost (poss under attack) drop Troops.

Too dangerous to return on ingress route so navigate valleys and passes south at just below cloudbase until foothills them NOE direct to Kivfitiri airport joining pattern A/C North main runway. There may be other aircraft about and ATC non operational.

@gadget You are not trained for this mission nor do you have the experience so expect difficulties. You will have no navigation duties just a piggy back support role. If you crash you crash, dont take anyone with you. Crash spares at Kvida outpost.

Although in 2 serials both will attempt to fly within visual contact for the first leg then 1 minutes separation for the remainder until the last leg clear of mountains. Ensure you have the NVG MOD installed and SR working fine.

Chalks #1 & Chalk #2 mutual assistance in navigation. Garmin will not be disabled BUT STRONGLY recommended not to use it unless in an emergency in order to sharpen basic airframe eq. nav skills. WP and RC will be provided

There will be a 15 min slot at start for crew briefing and discussion, allocation of specific tasks etc... 5 mins to start engines and get comfortable, SR ON, Wheels off the ground 7.20 - 7.30 latest.... no matter what!

TO will be as direct AMC. LZ1 approach and landing order directed by AMC. Return Base LZ approach as directed by AMC.

Verbal debrief then formal AAR on discord
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