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Liferaft Rescue help

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Liferaft Rescue help

Post by (A/229) Grey Rider on Tue 12 Jun 2018, 16:14

I figured out how to put a pilot in a liferaft in Mission Editor. Add a ship and select liferaft. Then add static UH-1 cargo and adjust the weight to 220 lbs. Then place that cargo in the liferaft. So you have the liferaft in the water and the pilot figure in the liferaft. However I can't seem to get him 'hooked' after prolonged hovering over him (10+ seconds). Also if the rope length is not extra long then the raft is blown away by the rotorwash. I put it in a inshore pond so it couldn't move and still no hook.
Anyone have some suggestions???
(A/229) Grey Rider

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