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Application Request.

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Application Request.

Post by (C/229) Space Cadet on Tue 28 Aug 2018, 08:59

Hi all, I’m interested in joining your "Virtual Squadron" if you have space for me. Ex RAAF (10 years) 5 Sqn trained helicopter flight fitter and was attached to SAR Flight Pearce in the early 80’s for 3 years. Time was spent: 70% "B" model / 10% "H" model / 20% Squirrels.
Although I spent countless hours in the LHF seat, I wasn’t that interested in learning how to fly helicopters during that younger part of my life (a golden opportunity regretfully missed). I’m very new to DCS and have virtually no flight sim experience. I have the Huey module but other than making sure it works, I haven’t had a real go on it yet.
From memory, I recall that flying the Iroquois is like balancing 3 spinning plates on 3 sticks at the same time while sitting on a jack hammer, so I thought it would be better to learn from a knowledgeable instructor rather than try and "wing it" and most likely learn bad habits.
I look forward to hopefully gaining enough flight experience to safely fly with other like minded helicopter sim enthusiasts.
Many thanks for your consideration, John (Space_Cadet).

SAR Flight Pearce - "Your loss is our game"
(C/229) Space Cadet
(C/229) Space Cadet
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Warrant Officer 1 Rated Aviator

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Re: Application Request.

Post by (A/229) Chic on Tue 28 Aug 2018, 17:54

Hey Space Cadet, DCS is gonna take some getting used to. Lots to sort through before you can enjoy the full DCS experience, much less a virtual Huey squadron.
I've activated your registration with C Company (Australia) so you can have full access to the 229th forum.
Few things you should know first.
The 229th is relatively inactive of late and is likely to remain so till we reorganize and transition going forward.
Your time zone is particularly inactive but hopefully your time on line will overlap with some of us.
Never the less, I (and others I trust) will be happy to get you started on your "journey".
The most practical step would be for you to set up a meet with me on TeamSpeak.
I will PM you.

(A/229) Chic
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