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LZ Xray mission (R3dline Server)

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LZ Xray mission (R3dline Server)

Post by (D/229) gadget on Wed 07 Nov 2018, 11:06

Not sure if any of you has come across it, but Huck put me onto a gem of a server that is right up our alley server is running a mission titled "We were soldiers"
this is obviously homage to the movie that depicts the AirCavs venture into the A Shau Valley and the battle at LZ Xray
the current mission is just a showcase, geared completely for hueys

The mission is on the caucasus map in a section of the mountains that allows for enough envrionment elements to feel plausible
the creators have gone to some effort to make it feel like a Vietnam era mission.

The underlying success of this mission server is the AI, they have developed an AI model seperately and it really is amazing to see it in action
the AI is actually controlled by another system, totally custom, and is actual AI that makes decisions [redline server is revolutionizing opfor AI ]
they've got a tunnel network in that mission, they can pop in and out of tunnel exits, and change up their strategy with different gameplay]

Our normal slow steady approaches will result in an incredible amount of ground fire.

The briefing holds everything you need to know but , here's the skinny;

Troops are loaded by landing at the tents next to the FARP and opening cockpit doors for about 10 seconds (recommend you map a button or use voice attack)
Troops are unloaded and evac'd the same way

its a great experience, the Ai really has a go at you
but they're smart (cagy) about it, but once engaged, then its full on

an enjoyable mission. just takes a bit to complete it cause there's 3000 guerilla fighters to kill...(edited)
and you only have 1000 Air Cav troopers to put into place

There is Artillery available next to the FARP, these can be used to engage enemy forces on the LZ ,
but this must be done via the F10 map (Combined Arms required)

This mission is built for the 229th, we should all get together and give it a crack with a large slick contigent (max Cool
and some gunship support from Delta Coy (max 4)

My first time in with huck I only had M60s, Huck in FL had miniguns all round
I swear , I had his tail rotor in my dashboard the whole way in once we started taking fire.....
and it stayed there until we were on the deck, my formation went from OK to stunt pilot in an instant....

if anyone wants to jump on in a Huey and give it a crack, give me a shout , its a hoot(edited)

(D/229) gadget
(D/229) gadget
Warrant Officer 1
Rated Senior Aviator
Warrant Officer 1 Rated Senior Aviator

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Re: LZ Xray mission (R3dline Server)

Post by (A/229) Gordo on Thu 08 Nov 2018, 17:54

I had to disable mods on OvGME to access server. Had to fight strong south winds to get to tents/troops. Once in position to load troops F7 button disabled. No way to load. So I flew south along river and after crashing into trees, getting shot down, I sort of found the LZ on third try?
(A/229) Gordo
(A/229) Gordo

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Re: LZ Xray mission (R3dline Server)

Post by (A/229) Huckleberry on Fri 09 Nov 2018, 00:23

Yes it doesn't allow mods.
Troops are loaded by opening cockpit doors and waiting 5-10 seconds for a message that troops have been loaded. Slicks can load troops, gunships can't. But slicks can rearm with guns so the slick roles are the most desirable.
AO is at the bullseye on map, you'll also know you're in the right place when you start taking incoming small arms fire. It's alot more fun with more people, so the next time you get on, give us a shout on ts or discord!
(A/229) Huckleberry
(A/229) Huckleberry
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Rated Senior Aviator
Second Lieutenant Company XO Rated Senior Aviator

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Re: LZ Xray mission (R3dline Server)

Post by (A/229) Gordo on Fri 09 Nov 2018, 15:49

Yes, but I thought the function keys would work also. OK, fly to tents with doors closed. Land near troops, then open doors, and wait till they acknowledge load. Tight ass LZs. Yes, I will probably need help from the 229th.
(A/229) Gordo
(A/229) Gordo

Messages : 21
Location : Longmont, Colorado

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Re: LZ Xray mission (R3dline Server)

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