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VoiceAttack profile

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VoiceAttack profile

Post by (A/229) Chic on Mon 19 Nov 2018, 05:44

Just a heads up on a "new" VoiceAttack profile.  It's actually a do over of my Distance Time Calculator.  

             The command is:      "[X] Kilometers/Nautical Miles  AT   [X] KPH/Knots".

An accurate Time to Target  will be audibly provided.  No sound files needed.
Kilometers, Nautical Miles, KPH, and Knots can be co-mingled ad lib in increments of 1 to infinity potentially.

The Timer Utility has also been revamped and is included.  Will give you a verbal cue, and an optional high freq tone,  
when the time you specify has elapsed.  

All this will add only 2 lines of commands to your existing profiles.
Profile and optional sound file can be found on Discord or Officer's Club file Browser.

Kinda proud of this one.

(A/229) Chic
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