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**READ ME FIRST** - Joining the 229th

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**READ ME FIRST** - Joining the 229th

Post by (HHC/229) Skullz on Sun 18 Aug 2013, 03:03

Are you ready for the best Huey experience on the web? If so, read on...
Our Age requirements

We don't accept anyone who is under 21 years old.

If you are 21 or older feel free to apply. 

When joining our Teamspeak server,  Please use the same name that you joined the 229th with on our TeamSpeak server so that we know it's you in the lobby.

How to apply ?
1) Create a new topic and Introduce yourself in the Warrant Officer Candidates Apply Here (<--link) forum and tell us about yourself, including what state or country you live in--this helps us determine what company you will be assigned too.

2) Click the 'Usergroups' menu option at the top of the website and select 'join Group' (Usergroups > select your group > view information > join group)

Currently we have 3 companies:
A Company for members residing in North America/South America
B Company for members residing in Europe
C Company for members residing in Asia/Australia/NewZealand

3) The Company Commander will accept you as soon as possible, usually within a few hours depending on the time of day you make your request. We will send you a welcoming letter, which will include our Teamspeak address and other pertinent information.

4) Your obligations - Your initial assignment will be as a Warrant Officer Candidate (WOC) specifically to train on the UH-1H Utility helicopter. On posting to your Company you are required to commence Basic Wings Training within one month of joining, and you are required to take your check ride and be Basic Wings Qualified within 6 months ( or earlier) of joining the 229th AHB. If you dont follow this obligation your membership will be re-assessed.

5) Once you are accepted by the Company Commander, your name will show up as either, green (A Co), blue (B Co), or red (C Co).

Who are our  leaders?

Headquarters and Headquarters Company:
(HHC/229) Blackjack is the founder
(HHC/229) Skullz is the Battalion Commanding Officer
(HHC/229) Strut is Executive Officer
(HHC/229) GunfighterSix is the Battalion Standards Instructor
(HHC/229) Flyer is the S1 Administrator

A,B,C,D, and the Medical Detachment Companies:
(A/229) Chic is the A Co Commander
(B/229) Cib is the B Co Commander
(C/229) Highwayman is the C Co Commander
(D/229) Xtra is he D Co Commander
___TBA_____ Medical Detachment
(H/229) Skeeter is the Scout Platoon Commander.
Company Commander (Current Opening available 29Feb2016)

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