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Mission Type

Post by Guest on Wed 16 Oct 2013 - 5:48

What are the mission type that the Huey flys other than...
Slick, Hash & Trash, Recon, SAR, Slick Escort, CAS, incertion, transport

Thank you Smile 


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Re: Mission Type

Post by (H/229) Skeeter on Wed 16 Oct 2013 - 7:08

slicks- no guns other than self protection M-60.
These were the workhorse. They done about any mission requiring lifting of troops, supplies, ammo, coms gear, battlefield command, spraying defoliant, mine laying, flare ship, dustoff, rescue, sling loads, sniffer, if it fit or could be carried they got the mission.
VIP- no guns at all the way I understand. Used to carry VIPs or flying into areas where there was no known enemy threat. Example mail run between airfields.
Gunship- alot were the B/C model which carried rockets, flex guns, and doorguns. Used to suppress enemy in LZ and close air support. They are at max takeoff weight with ammo, crew, and fuel so they had a really hard time carrying more than the 4 person crew. There was also a version with a 40mm grenade launcher in the nose I think was called a (Frog or Tode) something like that.
Air artillery- which carried a large amount of air to ground rockets. LZ prep and close air support. Just a gunship without the guns.
Other words the old Huey did it all. A transport to a LZ might get fragg to divert and pick up wounded somewhere else. A gunship might do the same if conditions were right.
Just remember slicks and guns work together in just about every action. I hope this answers your question as to the mission of the Huey. Really it was broken down into aircraft type which defined the mission.
Please note I could be wrong about some things as my kids have drove me crazy.
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