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Screenshots from 09 Nov night of flying...

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Screenshots from 09 Nov night of flying...

Post by (A/229) BBall on Mon 11 Nov 2013 - 4:30

Hey guys,

We had a ton of fun last night flying not only the beloved “Iroquois”, but also that snub-nosed, slow flying angel of death known as the “Hog”.

What you say? Fling-wing pilots logging time in a jet? Surely that’s heresy! Actually not, for Griff and I have been flying the “C” model Hog since the day she hit the virtual skies. [btw, Griff knows this biotch inside and out, IMHO, he’d make a great I.P. for her]

SIX, Canadianbacon, Griff and myself strapped on the Hog to fly a mission whereby we killed all the bad guys, saved all the good guys, kissed all the pretty girls and drank all the whiskey…in other words…a successful mission!

A couple of “hero shots”:

Front to back: SIX, yours truly and Griff at the end of the mission.


Front to back: Canadianbacon, Griff (on a blown tire), self and SIX.


Now for some Huey shots:

Canadianbacon in tight while Griff is closing up. We’re inbound to the FARP to get our troops and head toward the hot LZs.


Ox inbound to the FARP. He was having controller profile issues…but he eventually got them ironed out. Friggin finicky computers…they all should have female names (I did NOT just say that did I?)


We did take a tiny bit of ground fire at each LZ.


Griff and myself back at the FARP on one of our many return trips to repair/refuel and grab more troopers.


All in all a hugely fun night of flying with the great guys of the 229th!

Have a great day all,

(A/229) BBall
Chief Warrant Officer 4
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Chief Warrant Officer 4 Rated Senior Aviator

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